Nude Lips with Purple Eye-Liner | Holiday Glam Series

IMG_2878Hey my lovelies, I hope everyone’s doing alright. So, I came up with a make up look very spontaneously only because I wore a purple dress recently and I bought a new purple eye liner as well, so I decided to put the two together. Why not, right! 😉 You’re going to see what I came up with in just a second. 🙂

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Purple Smokey Eyes | Fall Make Up (5 Easy Steps)

Who says bright colours aren’t fall appropriate? I think they totally are. Which is exactly what I’m going to be talking to you about today – I have a purple smokey eye look that I wore last week, and decided to write about it too. I’m going to take you step by step so that you a have a better idea, just in case you want to try out this look. 🙂 Here goes!! 😀


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❤️ Simple Way to Wear Colors | Rainbow Fun Makeup Tutorial ❤️

Heyy lovesss! I’m super excited about today’s post because I was kinda experimenting with it for quite sometime now and I wasn’t so sure about it – but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and if you like it too, stick around to know how you can achieve this super colorful look. I hope you guys like it!! 🙂


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DIY Bangle Stand :D

So I want to start like a whole DIY series on my blog because lately I’ve been feeling very artsy and stuff. So, recently I got my dad to paint my room purple – because I’m sorta obsessed with that color since the time when I don’t even remember.  Oh, and stay tuned for a room tour in my next blog, where I show you my purple room now that my sister is married and gone, it feels amazeballs to have the room to myself.. *evil grin*. Also, tour of my vanity and the amount of crazy accessories I have. Soon, soon.. very soon! 🙂 (By that I mean in my next post) 😉 So, hit that subscribe button and be sure to check that out. 😉

Ok, so today I’m going to help you make a Bangle stand out of all the waste in your house. GO RECYCLE, YAY!!! 😀 The things you’ll need for this are –

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Product Review – Maybelline’s Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

CUNPIC_20150120_121519Hey guys, I’m so excited to do my fourth post on my blog today and I’m even more excited because I’m going to be talking about Maybelline’s most newly launched – The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara. Now, I won this mascara in a contest I played on Twitter a few weeks ago and I was so stoked about it because I really wanted to get my hands on it, from the time it was out in the market. This product is definitely something I’ve never seen before. I’ve always used mascaras that are one sided and I curl my upper and lower lash with it, but this mascara is not regular, it’s double sided – a thicker brush for your upper lashes and a thinner brush for your lower lashes. This is the most catchy thing in the product to me and that is why I was soooooo crazy about getting it. I’m a sucker for long lashes and I don’t understand why boys have longer lashes than me? I mean seriously, why do they even need eye lashes, right? *teehee* 😀

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