Easy and Inexpensive ways to Organize your Make-Up

Hey guys! 😀

So over the weekend, a cleanliness bug came and bit me real hard and I decided that it’s high time I organize my make up. That made me realize that I have a lot of stuff which I never even use and didn’t even know I own. So I decided to organize everything in a way that can help me be unbiased to products. Lately, I’ve started using a lot of make up which helps when I have it all organized and can see everything on my vanity. I decided to get a storage that is displayed right in front of me and helps me when I’m in a hurry.

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Random Accessory Obsession 😍

Hey guys!! This is going to be a super random and short post on how much I’ve been loving and obsessing over this necklace that comes with a choker from forever 21. Thank you forever 21 for making such gorg accessories for such gorg prices. ;);) I’ve been wearing it all week, if I could, I would sleep in it too.  ☺
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