Purple Cut Crease & Silver Shimmer Make up Look! 

Heyyyy you guys, it’s been quite a while! I know I’ve been MIA, I’m sorry about that. Anyway, I have another girly make up look for y’all. 🙂




Starting off, you want to take any purple color shadow that you own and make that your crease color. Make sure you use a flat, small brush to really define your crease with the purple so that it looks like a cut crease. Put it right into your eye socket, however, be super gentle and don’t push it in.

For our main color, I’ve used a silver shimmery eye shadow – if you own any of the naked palettes, you can pick any colours outta there for your main eye shadow color.

Lastly, take a clean brush and blend both the colors in so that there are no harsh lines.

And you’re done! Here’s what it looked like on me! 😀 🙂

On my lips I have on – Color Crush by The Body Shop.
I missed you guys, but I promise to be regular. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.  😉

xo – Tanya ❤


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