Golden Goddess Make up for Valentine’s | Look #4

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!

Honestly, I think the Shiv Sena people are going to be way more happier than anyone else this Valentine’s. (To all my non Indian darlings, you won’t get this, so don’t go cray) Let’s just focus on the Golden Goddess look, shall we?

My baby girl, Suchie from, asked me to give this look a shot, and I thought it’d be great to incorporate this look in my Valentine’s Day series especially for anyone that’s planning to go out in the day time. This look is very wearable and not too loud like look #3. So if you don’t like going crazy with your eye make up, this look is for you, honey.

So for the eyes:

I used The Nudes palette by The Balm. Took the color ‘Flawless’ straight into my crease as a transition shade first. To intensify the color, I took ‘Fiesty’ which is a reddish brown color. For the main color, I used ‘Fit’ which is a beautiful bronze color. Make sure, instead of dragging the color to your lids, you pat it on with a flat brush. For the outer corner of my eyes, I used ‘Funny’ which is a shimmery Maroon with a little bit of brown in it. On my brow bone and inner corners, I used ‘Fabulous’.

I didn’t use any eye liner. But you can use a tad bit, if your eyes feel naked.

In my lower lash line, I dragged a little bit of ‘Funny’, and there you have it.

The finished eye look. πŸ‘‡πŸ½

I used truck loads of mascara! πŸ˜‰

For my face, I warmed it up with Urban Decay’s baked bronzer in Gilded and topped it over with the Honey Bronzer by TBS.

On my lips: Maybelline’s Pure Raisin which is a beautiful brown shade.

Here’s the whole look!

Tell me what you lovelies think. Also, just a quick heads up, my final Valentine’s Day look will be on Saturday. I’ve left the best for the last. So stay tuned! 😘😘
See you guys Saturday😊

xo- Tanya ❀


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