Blue Smoky Eyes with a Pop of Purple 

Of all the make up looks, a smoky eye is a look you can never go wrong with and of course it’s my favorite, and everyone’s favorite I’m sure. 🙂 I’m sorry guys, if there’s a repition of looks here – I know that I’ve already done plenty of smoky eyes, but I just can’t get enough of it. Go ahead make fun of me… we’re all friends here! 😀

There are many legit reasons why I love smoky eyes. You can pull it off in the day or in the night. You can wear any lip color with it and it looks real classy.


Anyway, I have a smoky eye make up look for you today, predictable right? But, I’m sure you didn’t expect it to be a colourful one, or did you? 😀

Here’s everything I used:

  1. Morphe 35B Glam Palette
  2. Sugar Eye liner
  3. Faces Eye Pencil
  4. Rimmel Setting Powder in Sandstorm
  5. LÓreal Star Reds in Pure Amaranthe
  6. Milani Blush in Romantic Rose
  7. Becca Highlight in Moonstone

I really hope you guys enjoyed this colourful make up look, I had so much fun creating it. 🙂 🙂

Please feel free to post any make up suggestions. I just got a Kendall Jenner suggestion, and I’ll be posting that real soon. 😀


See you soon!


xo – Tanya ❤


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