Black Smokey Eye | Holiday Glam Series ft. Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette



Hey you guys!!! I’m soooo stoked about this post because it’s going to be my no 4th in my Holiday Glam Series. This make up look is none other than a classic black smoky eye and I’ve used the Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky palette, which is bomb if you don’t know! 🙂 Stay tuned to know how I got this look. 🙂

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Pink & Taupe Make up Look | Holiday Glam Series ft. Morphe’s 35B Palette


Hey you guys. This is going to be my third post on the Holiday Make up glam series look, please check out the other two posts if you haven’t already. 🙂 Link below!

Holiday Glam Series (Make up look 1)

Holiday Glam Series (Make up look 2)

Also, this is in collaboration with the very talented, Stephie. She is a pretty amazing blogger, she does reviews/make up looks and beauty tips. So, after you’re done reading my post – here’s the link to her post where she created her  version of a Holiday Glam Look. You can find her on Instagram here! 😉

Now, let’s get started with Make Look no 3, shall we? 🙂

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Nude Lips with Purple Eye-Liner | Holiday Glam Series

IMG_2878Hey my lovelies, I hope everyone’s doing alright. So, I came up with a make up look very spontaneously only because I wore a purple dress recently and I bought a new purple eye liner as well, so I decided to put the two together. Why not, right! 😉 You’re going to see what I came up with in just a second. 🙂

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Product Review: Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer

IMG_2643Hey guys! I hope y’all are doing okay today. I was in search for a bronzer/contour powder for a pretty long time now, which is when I stumbled upon the Maybelline Fit me bronzer. The colour in the pan looked dark enough for my skin tone and I decided to give it a shot since it didn’t pinch my pocket too much.

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My Fitness Essentails + Some Motivational Talk

Hey guys!! 🙂  This is post is going to be a little off of beauty and more of lifestyle. It’s basically going to be a fitness post. Now, before I start with this post, I want to clear something – I am by no means a fitness guru, I don’t have a bikini ready body and my weight and height do not match, but I love fitness. I love what it’s doing to me, I love the confidence it gives me and I love exercising and keeping myself fit. I don’t hate fat/overweight people  – The reason I’m saying this, is because most fitness freaks hate overweight people only because they were once like that. I know this because, I was way overweight at one point, not obese, but the fattest I’ve ever been. It was around 2 years back when I put on a lot of weight only because of eating a lot outside food. I love burgers and fries and subways and donuts and I still eat  a lot of that stuff. However, I believe that, everything should be done to a certain extent.

To be honest with you guys, from the time I started my exercise routine, I’ve compromised on a lot of my favorite foods but that is only because I have a certain goal that I want to reach. I do not want to become thin or a size zero, I want to be fit. If you’re exercising to become thin, please stop and think about it. Your goal should not be about becoming thin, rather it should be about being fit. Being fit means no sickness, no laziness and you’ll notice that you’re a lot more active and a lot less sleepy. Anyway, I think I rambled way too much. But, I just want to tell you guys that fitness has become my favorite thing in the world right now and I cannot do one day without it. I do go one day without it though, because that is healthy. You should always give yourself a break and just go watch TV and hang out with your loved ones or whatever that you love doing. Also, there should be cheat days – where you eat a burger or a donut. Now by cheat day, I don’t mean eating the whole day, I mean one meal. That’s it! 😉

Trust me guys, if you start following a certain exercise routine, you’ll never want to stop and try to make exercising fun. Do it because you love your body and do it because you want to get all that confidence that you’ve been lacking for so long. OKAY!!!! Enough pep talk for now – I’m going to be taking you through my fitness essentials . That was originally what the post was supposed to be about! 😛

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Simple Smokey Holiday Glam Look!

Hey you guys! 🙂

So since the holiday season has arrived, everyone is getting ready to celebrate their favourite time of the year with their loved ones. Now on occasions like these, having your make up on point is very necessary. Which is why, I put together a holiday make up look for you, it’s the classic smokey eye but what’s different is that I paired it with a bright pink lip. I’m definitely a bold lip girl, but there are days when I feel like putting on my brights.

Stick around to see how I got this look. It’s super simple and I think it’s the perfect look to wear. 🙂

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Top 5 Drugstore Fuchsia Lipsticks!

IMG_2539Hey guys, today I’ll be taking you through my favorite fuchsia lipsticks. It’s so weird to be even typing this out because I never ever thought I’d be a lipstick hoarder. What I’m I talking about, I never thought I’d be a beauty blogger. 😉 😉 I’d rather spend my money on make up than anything else. Speaking of which, I have a make up haul coming up real soon. Weeeeee! I’m so excited. Anyway, getting back – I’ve been into a lot of bright pinks/fuchsia pinks lately which is when I decided to do this post. Also, these are all drugstore brands which I’m sure is right up everyone’s alley.

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Product Review: Milani Powder Blush in Romantic Rose

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hey guys,

Today I have a quick product review for you, I wanted to give Milani a shot, since I have never tried this brand out before, and I needed a new blush in my stash- which is when I decided to give this pretty thing a go. These blushes are limited edition, so after you finish reading this post, and you like it, make sure to go grab one for yourself as soon as possible.

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