What’s in my August FabBag 2015?

Yay! August FabBag came in early this month and it’s lovely. The bag is beautiful, it’s pink!! ❤ So, I received 5 things in my bag, one of which is not a product but a thing, a thing you can use for your eyes. You’ll know what it is in a bit. So, this is what the bag looks like to begin with and this is everything I received. Yes, that’s an eyelash curler. 😀


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The Beautiful Blogger Award


Hey cuties, I’m sorry about the super long gap. I’ve been busy with life. 😦 I miss being a small girl, when the only thing I used to worry about are the ribbons that used to fall off my braids. 😦 Anyway, life happens to everyone and it’s totally the way we look at it. So let’s cut the negativity and talk about today’s post. 🙂 I’m pretty stoked about being nominated by the gorgeous and very talented, Sarah for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I still remember when I started off with my blog, which was earlier this year, I was first nominated for the Liebster Award and I was so thrilled. The same feeling is creeping in right now. 🙂

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Demi Lovato – Cool for the Summer Make-up Tutorial | Black Smoky Eyes + Nude Lips

Hey guys, I’m super excited about today’s post because I LOVE DEMI LOVATO – she is such an inspiration and she’s bomb! So, I’m going to be recreating her make-up look from her new video -‘Cool for the Summer’. Her make-up is on point, she’s contoured, highlighted yet everything looks so subtle and sexy. So, I’m gonna try and recreate her make-up look since she’s my fave! 😀

So, her look is basically black smoky eyes with nude lips and her contour and highlight are on fleek and that’s what I tried to put together and I came up with this look. If you want to know how I got this quick and easy look, make sure to stick around till the end. 😉


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July Monthly Favourites 2015!

Hey guys, yup, it’s that time of the month again where I’ll be running you through all my favsies for the month of July. Boy, I’m I glad that July is over, don’t ask me why, I’m just glad. 😀 So, let’s get right into this, cos everyone hates long introductions. 😛 Continue reading