What’s in my July FabBag 2015?

Hey lovelies!! It’s that time of the month again, where we open up a box full of goodies, some that I’m stoked about and some not so much. 😛 So I only just received my FabBag today and I’m pretty excited about it. The bag is a beauty! It’s GOLD!!! Yeah, GOLD!! 😀 So, let me just give you a gist about this month’s theme, it’s called Red Carpet July hence, such a royal bag. We have products worth Rs.3000 in it. I love each and everything I recieved this month.. weee! 😀

This is what the bag looks like – It’s not like the normal FabBag, this ones looks different and even opens up different.


This is everything I got and I’m going to be going through each one of it for you to have a better idea. 🙂

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Easiest Strobing Tutorial | Ft. Urban Decay’s Baked Bronzer in ‘Gilded’

Hey guys today’s post is going be about the new makeup technique called, “strobing”. In my opinion, it’s not really a new technique cos people who contour usually highlight as well. Strobing, however, is cutting out the contouring and going in with just the highlight part. Here’s a picture below on everything you need to know about strobing.


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Product Review: Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in Red Velvet & Violet Vibe

Hey lovelies, I hope everyone of you are doing okay. Today I have a product review for you and it’s all about Maybelline’s newly launched Colorshow lippies. This is from the same famous Colorshow nail polish range that we all know of. 🙂 I have two of these colors to review and both of them are absolutely gorgeous.


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The Nudespiration | Pinterest Inspired | Ft. My Sister’s Nails

Hey darlings ❤ Today, I will be introducing you to my sister’s hands. 😀 If you haven’t met all of her – here’s a link to my previous post where we celebrated her birthday and made her feel special. 😀 So in my family, I’m everyone’s nail tech and hence, we decided to do a manicure that is Pinterest inspired. I call this look, “The Nudespiration”. So, the reason I didn’t do this on my own nails is because my sister likes subtle and soft looks instead of going bold and adding a lot of colors, yeah, we’re completely different species of human. Also I came up with the name ‘Nudespiration’ because I discovered all the beautiful nude polishes I own and I figured that nudes can really inspire you to keep your nails clean, healthy which will in turn help your nails always look nice and presentable. My sister has such pretty fingers, I’m so jealous.. She can pull off any manicure and look absolutely fab in it. She’s also been asked to be a hand model, for obvious reasons right? 🙂 

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Product Review: Faces Magnet Eyes Black Kajal

When it comes to eye pencils and Kajals, I am such a huge fan probably because that is the first ever makeup I started out with. When I was in high school, all I applied was black kajal on my water line, a little lip balm and I was satisfied. (Nostalgia creeping in) 😀 Anyway, as promised in my previous post, today I will be reviewing the newly launched Magnet Eyes Kajal by Faces. What a quirky name, also the packaging is super attractive. It’s RED!! How gorgeous is that color for a black kohl pencil, right? So before this came into the picture, I was religiously using the Lakme’s Eyeconic Kajal and sometimes Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal. However, I stopped using Colossal Kajal a while back after I discovered Eyeconic eyes by Lakme. I felt this particular kajal was a lot smoother and creamier. However, after this red beauty came into my life, I decided to not settle for anything else. The Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal has a gorgeous red packaging, is in a retractable form and glides on your eyes super easily. This product is stuffed with antioxidants and is paraben-free. Its intense black helps you create any kinda look. It gives you amazing control to create a cat eye/winged eye and is also perfect for tight lining your upper and lower waterline since it’s super smooth. What attracts me the most, is its price. Here’s why – Lakme’s Eyeconic Kajal has been my holy grail and is priced at Rs. 185/-, while Faces Magnet Eyes is priced at Rs. 175/-. Hence, I switched to this awesome product which is super pigmented.


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First Impressions: ‘By the Bay’ by Faces 

Hey all of you! Happy Sunday! Well if you’ve been following me here for a bit, you know I like to change my manicure every weekend. Sometimes, I even like to buy new paints cos I always feel like I never have enough. So after watching MissJenFabulous and her obsession with a Teal nail polish colour, I went ahead and bought one myself. I never really owned a colour like this so buying this didn’t pinch me.. Cos I hate buying two same colours.

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Deep Grey Smokey Eye + Winged Eye Liner | Makeup Tutorial

So, how many of you love smokey eyes? I fell in love with this look a few months back but I never really knew how to master the art of a smokey eye look. I still don’t think I’m that good today – but I did come up with a grey smokey eye look. When I came to know the art of blending, and applying eye shadow in your crease as your transition color, bam! That’s when I thought smokey eye is not as difficult as it looks. So anyhow, I came up with another makeup look for you lovelies and this time it’s my fave. I did wear it out, after I decided to make a blog post about it and I must say, I was kinda overwhelmed with the compliments where people have said, “wow! I love how you’ve done your eyes.” 😀 It’s simple, yet glam and not too overpowering. So stay tuned to this space to know how I mastered a smokey eye.


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Makeup to Match My Flower Crown | Dash of Pink

Hey my lovelies.. as you already know if you’re following me on my social media, that I was pretty excited about doing this post since it’s something that I don’t usually do. Of course, I do a ton of makeup tutorials, which is the reason I started my blog and I absolutely enjoy it. This post is not very different from the usual, but it’s certainly not the same. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that i’m the type of girl who prefers wearing flowers around my head, than diamonds around my neck – I feel like this post is so apt to this line because, todayyyy, I will be doing a tutorial to match my makeup to my flower crown.

IMG_0372How cute are flower crowns, right? I mean they can totally save  you from having a bad hair day, makeup day or even if you’re just having a bad day in general. Fresh flowers make me smile and they make you look like you’re such a happy person. 😀

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